Thor & Athena

Thor and Athena hit the jackpot. Their fortunes took a dramatic turn for the better, when they were adopted by Kiley and Devin. Thor (a Great Pyrenees) and Athena (a Shiba Inu) originally came into Dogma when their owner threatened to shoot them for digging up his yard. We so hoped that these two bonded dogs could be placed together. Fortunately, Devin and Kiley felt the very same way. Kiley and Devin had this update for these two lucky pups: “Thor is the stalwart rock and Athena is the instigator. The two love play sessions. Athena can be smart when she wants to be and has proven to be the love bug. She always wants attention and/or her belly rubbed. Thor is highly intelligent. We have treat balls that dispense treats if they are rolled correctly on the floor. Thor not only has the game figured out, but he knows it does it better on the carpet than the tile floor, so if it goes onto the tile, he picks it up and moves it. He also knows it’s harder to move it in corners, so if it gets too close to corners, he’ll also pick it up and move it. Athena doesn’t want to figure it out; she lets Thor do it and tries to steal the treats. We initially kenneled them at night for sleeping to help break them into the house and to get through their chewing phase, with the intent of letting them roam free eventually. However, they’re attached to the kennels. Bedtime to them is going in the kennels and sleeping, and they often do it voluntarily when they know it’s bedtime. So, we’ve kept the kennels up. Why break their routine if they feel comfortable and safe? Anyway, we could probably continue on, but the point is, we cannot believe some guy wanted to shoot them for digging holes in his yard. They have never dug a hole in our yard. These puppies just didn’t get the attention they deserved. Well they do now and they’re so incredibly loving and caring and fun. Four months after getting Thor and Athena, we cannot imagine our lives without them, and we are looking forward to many, many years of happiness with them.” Dogma thanks Kiley and Devin so much for saving these former yard dogs and transforming them into beloved and cherished indoor family members.