The Professor

Dogma is proud to present to you a Happy Tail an a Dogma all-star, The Professor! When our friend in Georgia, Amy Rockwell, tells us that she has a great dog to send to Dogma, she is always right… we just don’t know what they are going to look like! When Dogma had The Professor up for adoption, one of the co-directors, as a joke, listed his breed as a Terrier/Gremlin mix. We had to change this because some people actually believed this! No kidding! The Professor was adopted by the Malagnon’s, a family with good sense of humor! They love The Professor and he is an excellent brother to Stormy, and Stormy is so sweet, never pointing out to The Professor how much fancier he is! The boys are best friends and are enjoying a newly fenced in backyard where they can chase squirrels and when they are done exploring, it’s lounge chair-time!