Sugar & Ringo

Both Sugar the calico cat and Ringo (from Dogma’s infamous Chigeal litter) came from Hillsborough County Animal Services where they were discarded as strays. Sugar even had a notched ear, an indicator she should have been in a “well-cared for” feral cat colony, but nobody came for her so Dogma stepped up to rescue her from euthanasia. Both Sugar and Ringo hit the jackpot of Forever Homes when they were adopted by Rich and Kathy Ollis, their daughter, Jessica, and grandson, Shayn. Sugar and Ringo, even though they were adopted at different times, now act like littermates! They are totally bonded to each other, playing and snuggling together! Here they are lounging waiting for Shayn to get home from pre-school! That is when the fun starts and the treats flow!