Not exactly a Christmas picture, but to us at Dogma, this is the best Christmas present ever! Anyone who has followed Dogma over the past year knows the story of Armani, the apricot poodle saved by a Hillsborough County Animal Services investigator before coming to Dogma, and then he was seen on Daytime (thanks to Wag owner/Dogma friend, Jennifer Fadal) by Fred and Sharon Williamson. Armani was loved beyond measure by the Williamson’s for the year they were lucky to have had him.

Little Sadie was literally dumped at Hernando County Animal Services after hours, left to run on their grounds. When she was finally caught, rescue coordinator Shannon Finch hooked her up with Dogma. She knew we were looking for a very special poodle for a very special home. We got Sadie vetted, including a badly needed dental, and we got her groomed.

When the Williamson’s saw her, it was love at first sight. Sadie is adorable and adoring, and she has the bubbly personality to go along with her looks! Once again, it took a community of caring animal welfare advocates to get this poor dog discarded like trash into the best home possible. We hope that this is the first of MANY Christmases that the Williamson’s and Sadie will have with each other!

Sadie Williamson … AT HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!