Lulie had a tough time of life!  She was a stray and found by the right WOMAN, but the wrong MAN!  When this little teeny tiny thing bit the big “strong” man who caught her, he cried foul and insisted she go to animal services.  He threw such a fit in the lobby, our friends there thought he had been bitten by a pit bull!  (Lulie barely has any teeth, fyi! 😉 ))  The woman who helped save Lulie contacted Dogma because she knew how special Lulie was.  Lulie was saved by a second woman, Dr. Ellen Alence of Alafia River Animal Hospital when she did Lulie’s FHO for us!  We didn’t know how we were going to cover it, but we were not going to let Lulie go, not with her “bite” history.  We can never thank Dr. Alence for this assistance.  And now Lulie is living every dog’s dream life with Jim and Lee!