The picture is a little blurry, but you can FEEL THE LOVE between our little alumni, Jack, and his whippet-brother, Ian! Jack was given to kids by “some guy” and when the kids’ mom said they couldn’t keep him, they went door-to-door trying to give him away. Fortunately, one of our vet techs witnessed this, intervened, and called Dogma to take him in. We did, and we fell in puppy-love with baby Jack. We feel like Jack won the dog rescue lottery when Mark and Lisa Templeton adopted Jack and in fact, Jack has such a privileged doggie life that his foster mom begged for Mark and Lisa to adopt her, too (they passed… dangit)! We hope that Jack has brought a lot of laughter and light to the Templeton’s, wonderful dog owners who are now a part of the extended Dogma family!