Harley and Lacey

This might be the happiest of the Happy Tails we’ve seen! Last July, Dogma took in Harley and Lacey who has been rescued by Hillsborough County Animal Services’ Investigation department. The twins came from such a bad situation that they were terrified of people, afraid of their own shadows and one wouldn’t take a step without the other one. They were saved a second time by Marti Ryan who was, at the time, spokesperson for HCAS. She had the twins in her office, sang to them (badly, but they loved it!), got them media attention and nurtured them into being loving, trusting dogs. Marti also wrangled Dogma into taking them!! When the Nelson’s adopted the twins together and gave them such a great home (look how sweet they are and how much they love each other!), they made a lot of people’s dreams come true and we are so grateful to them.