Here’s an update from Fletcher’s new Family-Here are some recent pictures of Fletcher for you. He is doing great and growing up quickly. He already weighs 34 pounds. His favorite activity of all time is catch. He is definitely a “sports” dog. He loves to be outside with my boys when they play lacrosse or baseball. He hunts down the stray balls. He has been going to canine cabana once a week and we worked with trainer Jacqui Silla of Canine Conditioning Company. He did wonderful and the training and socialization worked. He loves other dogs now and can’t wait for his doggie play dates. He and my youngest son are doing much better together too. They are pictured together here. Fletcher is so smart too!!!!! I have taught him how to sit, give paw, lay down, roll over and bow. He loves to learn new tricks. Fletcher we are so happy you found forever!