cady-at-prcCady – Who can forget this picture of Cady?  Sitting in her own urine at Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC?  Cady was so shy and so scared, and the more we got to know her, the more we realized she had been traumatized by something… or someone. 

But slowly Cady came out of her shell with our volunteer, Katrina Stevenson, and she learned that she was SAFE – no matter what! 

She was adopted by George, Jimmy and her new 4-legged Saluki-mix brother, Jammer, and when we saw her the other day, we are so pleased to report that Cady is an entirely different dog than the dog we first met at animal services.  She is now confident, happy and has left her traumas where they belong – in the past!  This is truly the happiest of Happy Tails!