Andy, Now Gizmo

Andy, now Gizmo- a 3 year old Shihtzu is living the good life. Andy, now Gizmo is living half the year in Hudson and half the year in Pennsylvania. His parents are retired so he is never alone. He also has Willow, his Irish WolfHound Sister. His new family reports him and Willow get along fabulously despite their size difference! This is what Gizmo’s new family reported, GIZMO NOW LOOKS FOR ATTENTION AND HE GETS A LOT OF IT. HE ALSO LICKS YOU. I DO BELIEVE HE LOVES US (LOL). HE AND WILLOW PLAY ALL THE TIME. WILLOW EVEN GETS DOWN ON ALL 4’S SO SHE IS MORE ON GIZMO’S LEVEL. IT IS FUNNY TO SEE WILLOW LAYING ON THE FLOOR WITH GIZMO IN THE MIDDLE OF WILLOW’S HUGE BED. HE IS OVER HIS EAR INFECTION AND HIS SKIN PROBLEMS. WE JUST HAD HIM FOR HIS RECHECK AT THE VET AND HE IS PERFECT. WE ALL JUST ADORE THIS LITTLE GUY. Thanks Joan & John for loving this little guy!!!