• Nacho

    Nacho came to us around Cinco de Mayo and got adopted so fast that he never made the website! Nacho was surrendered by the person who found him and Nacho’s foster mom’s friend fell in love with him! We are glad that Megan found her dream dog … and so quickly!

  • Lucy

    When Lucy came to us from Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC, she almost didn’t look like a dog because her skin infections were so bad! But her skin healed and her fur grew back and she turned out to be such a sweet, loving little girl! Her new Forever Mom, Janet, thinks so too, and so […]

  • Kelly

    Kelly was saved from a horrible rural shelter by friends of ours and when they decided they didn’t have enough time and structure to give Kelly the life she deserved, we were more than happy to help find her Forever Home! We were just glad they saved her from the really disgusting rural shelter and […]

  • Gypsy

    When one of our friends reached out to us needing help with a stray kitty, our first response was NOOOOOO!!! But then we saw how SWEET Gypsy was, how adorable, and we couldn’t resist! Gypsy’s new Forever Mom, Barbara, also couldn’t resist and she made Gypsy a Forever Kitty!

  • Sandy

    Our volunteer, Amber, saw Sandy sad and alone and discarded at Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC and we decided that Sandy still has a lot of love to give. After we saved her, our friend, Patricia, decided that she was just the right person to give that love to Sandy! Thanks to our friends at Health […]

  • Sugar Pie

    Our volunteer, Jeanne, found Sugar Pie at Hillsborough County Animal Services/Pet Resource Center after she had been living life at the end of the chain with no food, water or shelter from the elements. Sugar Pie will now have everything a dog could ever want and more as she will be spoiled rotten in her […]

  • Bonny and Clyde

    Last Fall, we got in two bonded Chihuahuas whose owner had sadly passed away and the owner’s family just LET THE DOGS GO. Running in the neighborhood was not acceptable to some of the neighbors who worked very hard to catch Bonny and Clyde! We are very happy to report that our bonded pair went […]

  • Dublin

    And here is Dublin O’Dogma with the Vickory’s and Otis

  • Shamrock

    Here is Shamrock with the Merriam’s

  • Milo

    Here is Malloy, now named Milo, with the Spark’s

  • Connor

    Here is Connor with the Rafferty’s

  • Buddy the Elf

    After being confiscated by Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC last May and then surrendered to us after being completely neglected since then, Buddy is finally in a Forever Home where he will get the care, love and attention he needs and deserves!  The Weirick’s have been lonely since their beloved dog, Jill, passed untimely, and Buddy […]

  • Milo

    Milo came to us from Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC unwanted, depressed and missing an eye. He sure perked up in his foster home, and now he has found a loving FOREVER HOME! One of the “unwritten qualities” we look for in our applicants is patience, and that sure describes Milo’s new mom, Donice, and we […]

  • Evie

    Evie was our New Year’s Eve dog because we rescued her from Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC the day before New Year’s Eve! Her 2017 is shaping up to be A LOT better than her 2016 because she had been picked up as a stray by the shelter and lost one of her legs. Now, she […]

  • Baxter

    We were at Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC when we saw Baxter being surrendered by his owners.  We didn’t even let him get checked in – we took him right out of the lobby!  Baxter’s new mom is Christina, and while we have adopted to quite a few engineers at USF, we’re not sure we have […]

  • Angel

    Angel/Angelica (we never could pin down a name – LOL!) came to us from Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC. Around Christmastime, a little kid had dropped HOT BACON GREASE on her head! This was an accident – an unsupervised kid around a hot stove, a dog underfoot – it happened in an instance. The family could […]

  • Rocky

     “I just moved in with my boyfriend and his 3-year old daughter is terrified of dogs, which we didn’t know before, so I need to find a new home for my 12-year old dog that I’ve had since he was a puppy, and my ex-boyfriend doesn’t want him either.” This was the email we got […]

  • Bailey

    Bailey’s Irish Cream Bailey was found by a Dogma volunteer, and she had been originally used as a hunting dog, but since she failed, she was thrown out like garbage. Now, she is the treasured Forever Dog of our Dogma “family,” Ben & Erin! Ben & Erin recently lost their Dogma alum, Lager, who had […]

  • Odie

    Our little Jack Russell/dachshund mix scored big with the Ballangee Family!  (And your eyes are not deceiving you, one of their other dogs also has one brown eye and one BLUE eye – just like Odie!).  Odie is part of a pack of three, and these three like to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY – just like […]

  • Abby

    Abby had been hit by a car and picked up as a stray by Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC and needed a little time to recover from her injuries.  She had barely gotten better when she got adopted!  Her new mom and dad have A LOT of energy to keep up with this crazy, scruffy girl!

  • Bambi

    Bambi was brought into Alafia River Animal Hospital by his owners in such poor condition, his owners wanted him euthanized.  Our good friend, Dr. Ellen Alence, would not let that happen!  Instead, she gave him the medical attention he needed and when he was well, let us at Dogma find him a Forever Home – […]

  • Sparky

    Sparky had to be surrendered by a family with a special needs son, and this was another story that just broke our hearts.  Sparky’s happy ending is SO HAPPY though!  He is now a Strawn dog, and his family is absolutely delighted to have such a fun guy in their house (and we are delighted […]

  • Leo

    Leo was surrendered by his owner because her husband kept him as an outside dog and she wanted a better life for him.  This was so sad, but Leo has a MUCH BETTER life now with his new mom and dad, Tammy and KC, who will not only keep him inside (obviously!), but who will […]

  • Truffles

    Truffles was left behind in an abandoned house and it took the wonderful couple who found her WEEKS to finally catch her!  We are so glad they persevered because what a little doll Truffles is!  Truffles is going to have her new dad, Louis, wrapped around her little paw!

  • Shatner

    Shatner was dumped at Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC by his family when they had a new baby.  He was extremely scared in the shelter – so scared, our rescue coordinator-friend asked us to help him.  We are so glad that we did.  Shatner calmed down once he was out of the shelter and in his […]

  • Cady

    Cady – Who can forget this picture of Cady?  Sitting in her own urine at Hillsborough County Animal Services/PRC?  Cady was so shy and so scared, and the more we got to know her, the more we realized she had been traumatized by something… or someone.  But slowly Cady came out of her shell with […]

  • Minni

    Our abandoned-by-the-side-of-the-road mouse litter puppy finally found her Disney Happy Ending with Wayne, Sharon and Nicholas! 

  • Rio

    Rio came to us during the Summer Olympics and here it is November! But good things are worth the wait, and the Cowan’s were definitely worth waiting for! Harold and Jenny and their dog, Lucky, are the perfect family for our mellow puppy, and we know that he is going to be loved and cuddled […]

  • Lou

    Lou was originally adopted from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center and then a year later, his owner decided she no longer wanted him.  We were more than happy to take in Lou!  Lou is the ultimate family dog and loves kids, and we think he will be cherished in his new home for a very […]

  • Bagel

    Bagel:  Our low-rider girl who we sprung from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center scored a family of her own!  The Sadler’s adopted Bagel and we are hoping it will be HOT DOG COSTUMES for everyone this Halloween!! 😉

  • Bruce

    Bruce was found as a stray and taken to a “Humane” Society where people thought he was safe… until he was sent by the “Humane” Society to a county kill shelter!  The people who found him bailed him out and contacted Dogma to foster him.  We found the perfect home for Buster with the Hawkins […]

  • Skittles

    Skittles was so scared and depressed at Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center that she didn’t even lift her head up off of the kennel floor when we visited with her, but look at her now!  We are so excited that she not only came out of her shell, but she gets to experience the rest […]

  • Lulie

    Lulie had a tough time of life!  She was a stray and found by the right WOMAN, but the wrong MAN!  When this little teeny tiny thing bit the big “strong” man who caught her, he cried foul and insisted she go to animal services.  He threw such a fit in the lobby, our friends […]

  • Cooper

    Cooper was found as a stray in really bad shape and the right, very smart, people got him SAFELY to Dogma!  While he is being shy and modest here, the Hay Family has assured us that he has come out of his shell!

  • Bingo

    Bingo came to us from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center where nobody paid any attention to him – nobody brought him to our attention. It’s a good thing one of our volunteers found him there! Bingo is truly an Ambassador of his Breed, and now he is living a Dog’s Dream Life with his Forever […]

  • BooBoo

    We thought that we had announced BooBoo’s Forever Mom, but now we feel that we were mistaken! BooBoo had to be surrendered to Dogma because his owner was suffering from Alzheimer’s and could not longer care for him. Ann was just the perfect match to be BooBoo’s new mom. Now named Beau (which we love!!), […]

  • Cooper

    Cooper took one look at the Hay’s and said, “PICK ME!” And so we did! The Hay’s have been wanting to adopt a rescue dog for some time, and we think the Universe was just waiting to give them the right dog, and our little former stray was the perfect match!

  • Minni

    The little girl from our Disney Mouse Litter who was found abandoned by the side of a road found her Forever Family! And we are delighted that she STILL has a brother in her new family! (Her new brother has 2 legs instead of 4, but that is ok with Minni!)

  • Pinot

    Stevie Andrews, Investigative Reporter-Dog –  The Palmer’s suffered the loss of their beloved dog and were looking for a companion for their other dog, Napa.  They picked our Stevie!  Stevie is now named Pinot, and he is investigating all of the smells on Bayshore Blvd. on his long walks with his 4-legged brother, Napa, and […]

  • Marnie

    Marnie was surrendered by her owners because their child was allergic.  She has a new family now who cannot get enough of her!  We feel like Marnie was born to be with the Fletcher’s!

  • Bindi

    Bindi was found by our good friend, Sherry, from Florida Parrot Rescue and since Bindi didn’t meet the qualifications to be admitted into their rescue (since she is a dog!), we took her into Dogma.  She will be a dream Forever Dog!

  • Daisy

    We took Daisy straight out of the parking lot of Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center/Animal Services along with her three puppies, and while she was such a good momma-dog, it is her turn to be spoiled by her Forever Family!

  • Rey Skywalker

    Rey Skywalker was abandoned with her friend, Yoda, in the Green Swamp in Hillsborough County.  She was adopted by own very own photographer, Clair Flaherty, who named her Ruby Jeanne after her foster mom!

  • Stellina

    Stellina was our owner surrender who captured everybody’s hearts and now she gets to be the Little Star of her mom’s lives!

  • Annabelle

    Annabelle came to Dogma in a 911 situation!  Her owner came into our veterinary partners, Vets 4 Pets, unable to afford the $300 surgery to remove a giant bladder stone.  We didn’t hesitate to take in Annabelle,and when it came time to find her a Forever Home, we don’t think we could have found any […]

  • Yoda

    Yoda was found abandoned in the Green Swamp area of Florida with his friend, Rey Skywalker, by people we know.  He was adopted to a wonderful family who had suffered a great loss and were needing a very special dog.  Yoda was the perfect match!  The Lyons family have reported that Yoda is fitting in […]

  • Lord Montague

    When we found Lord Montague running the streets of our hood, scrawny, with no teeth and described by Dr. LaDue as “ancient,” we thought we had a lifer on our hands!  Which was totally fine with his foster mom, Amber!  But Catherine and Doug had other ideas and made Monty a Forever Dog!  His Royal […]

  • Stella

    Our second adoption on Saturday was our sweet Stella, who melted the hearts of everyone she met! We received a lot of emails and applications on Stella, and we are so grateful for all of the interest! We have already gotten updates that Stella is settling in very well in her new Forever Home (and […]

  • Rascal

    It seems like in Dogma Pet Rescue, we always have one dog who is “The Comedian,” and during the past couple of months, it has been Rascal!! Yesterday, our resident comedian got adopted to a lucky couple who will be entertained for many years to come by Rascal’s antics!! Congratulations on your awesome new Forever […]

  • Homer

    Homer Simpson [his pic is attached] came to us from a very sad hoarding situation.  When he first got to Dogma, he was shell-shocked and withdrawn, too scared to move and didn’t like other dogs.  After living with his Dogma foster mom, Terri, who is magical when it comes to terrified chihuahuas, he transformed into […]

  • Skip

    It sure took long enough, but it was worth the wait!  Our tripod, Skip, found her Forever Family and what a fantastic family they are!  It turns out the Lewis’ know a lot of our other extended Dogma “family,” so we are sure we will be seeing a lot of her around the neighborhood!  Skip […]

  • Mia

    We were alerted by our good friend, April Jones at Vets 4 Pets, that Mia was in dire need of saving because of the actions of another dog in her house, and when we were contacted by a previous adopter, we knew it would be a match made in Heaven!  Here is Mia with her […]

  • Sophia

    You have seen Sophia Loren dressed up as a bat, a witch, a Gasparailla Queen, and a snow bunny, but now Ms. Loren has scored the role of a lifetime – a FOREVER DOG!  Sophia Loren hit the jackpot with her wonderful new, loving family, which includes another senior pomeranian just like her!

  • Aspen

    Aspen is now Stella Blue, and Stella Blue has a Mom, Dad and big, beautiful brother named Cooper Donlin who fell head-over-heels for his new sister at first sight!  We had a record number of applications for Aspen and we are so glad that so many people are interested in adopting a rescue dog!  Aspen, […]

  • Flip


    Flip found his Forever Family and he became a special dog when the Zelenka’s adopted him because he joined the Dogma Thespian Club! Flip’s new mom, Sue Zelenka, is the Stage Manager of the Tampa Shakespeare Festival which Dogma was invited to participate in! If you haven’t experienced a “Shakespeare in the Park” before, it […]

  • Chloe

    Chloe, the Diva of Dogma, is best known for her couture, modeling Christmas outfits and Gasparilla hats!  But now she is wearing the best “look” of all – a Forever Home!  Here she is with her new mom, Briana!

  • Hambone

    Hambone had the honor of being our first dog of 2016.  His former “owner” chucked the little guy out the window.  Now, Hambone is HECTOR and he is bringing a lot of laughs and joy to his dads, Adam and Doug, and he has a well-adjusted, fun-loving dog named Joey in his new home to […]

  • Jackson

    We know you all love him and we think for his new mom, Debbie, it was love at first sight, too! Jackson has come a LONG way from being a filthy matted mess of multiple infections (skin, ears, eyes, and don’t even get us started on his balls! ), and to see him here now […]

  • Dusty

    Dusty will be a part-time working dog because his new dad works from home & when he goes to the office, Dusty week get to go with him! Dusty will also be BFF’s with Dogma alum, Brooks, and will get play dates with our good friend Marcy, Brooks & the twins! We can’t wait to […]

  • Stevie

    Our beautiful, sweet cattle dog mix, Stevie, went to her Forever Home today where she has a big sister named Teagan! Rarely have we seen two girl-dogs hit it off so well, so fast! Congrats to Stevie & to her new family!

  • Carli

    Our second surprise sidewalk puppy found her Forever Home! We will be hooking up Carli’s new family with our friend @Jaqui Silla at The Canine Company for some Puppy 101! Thanks again to our volunteers, Mark & Angela, who literally stepped up at a moment’s notice to take Carli into their home!

  • Lulu

    Lulu was such a darling at Hillsborough County Animal Services that they reached out to us specifically for help.  Lulu was surrendered by her owner in with a herniated disc and with a lot of crate rest, excellent veterinary care and a lot of love from her foster mom, she made a full recovery.  Lulu […]

  • PJ

    While we neglected to get a happily-ever-after picture, we do want to let everybody know that PJ THE CAT got adopted!!! PJ got adopted by a wonderful woman named Renee and her sweet soon-to-be-a-first-grader Grayson! Thank you to everyone who shared PJ’s picture and story! Here is PJ all chillax with our pit bull, Toby, […]

  • Bailey

    We had a slow day at the South Tampa Petsmart on Saturday, but we did adopt A Girl-Dog Named Bandit to the Dresser family! How cute are these three girls?! Bandit is now named BAILEY and we look forward to receiving lots of pictures of the girls and their brother (RIGHT, GIRLS???) growing up together! […]

  • Sally

    We are late in announcing our latest Happy Tail – Mustang Sally got adopted! By the looks of her new family, our funky-looking little low-rider will never be bored! And we have been promised by the girls that there will be lots of pink, purple and BLING!

  • Lil Bear

    Here is Lil Bear with her very own lil sister! Our new friend and volunteer, Christine, found Lil Bear next to a dumpster and graciously agreed to foster her until we found the perfect home for out tiny little bear-puppy! We think Lil Bear hit the jackpot!

  • Seamus

    Keara and Anthony saw Seamus and knew he was their perfect dog – we have to agree! Seamus has more toys and clothes than a lot of kids we know and we are loving to see our ragamuffin little stray get spoiled rotten! Chris and Sasha once again came through for Dogma by fostering Seamus!

  • Sidney

    Cinnebun is now named SIDNEY and she has found her Forever Home with very dear friends of ours, Lauren and Jimmy! Sidney has a ready-made “brother” because Lauren’s parents had adopted Super Mario (nka Max) from us! As Lauren and Jimmy plan their wedding, we are hoping that Sidney will be a ring bearer! Big […]

  • Bowden

    Boris is now named Bowden (no haters, Florida fans! 😉  )) and obviously has a busy life with TWO human siblings! FROM BOWDENS FAMILY: Wanted to send you an update on Bowden. He is a happy healthy 22 pound boy. He loves his new backyard, playing fetch with balls, and playing tug-of-war with his human […]

  • Stella

    Stella (fka Tamara) also gave us a scare when she was sick, but she is also thriving and has her own human brother and is even friends with Dogma alum, catahoula momma Abe!

  • Wynn

    Wynn (fka Vlad) got adopted to Kelly Flynn who already had a dog – a puggle named Peyton. Peyton was initially not enthusiastic having a baby brother but as you can see, she came around and the two are now inseparable!

  • Luna

    Luna (fka Tatyana) was our sickest of the Russian Litter. We were so afraid of losing her because she would have missed out on this.

  • Cedrick

    Cedrick (fka Chaz) emailed us to say and to say “I am the cutest Cedrick ever!”

  • Phoebe

    Phoebe sent us an update!  She is a lucky dog – loved so much by her late owner and now Princess to her new mom, Kelly!

  • Lola

    Our little schnauzer Lola got cleaned up (dramatically!) and is now schnauzer-sister to Wilson and Teddy!  The boys are showing Lola the ropes and building her confidence!

  • Rhett

    Rhett was one of two breeder dogs we saved and it took two years and a lot of work by our volunteers, Terry and Mary, to get Rhett socialized enough to be adopted.  All of their efforts and love paid off as Rhett scored a great home with Amanda just in time for Christmas!

  • Latte

    Our sweet, loving and very LOVED owner surrender, Latte, with her new mom, Lorrie!

  • Dudley

    Congrats to our friends Ben & Sara Ewing on adopting Dudley (right) who Dogma volunteer Cheryl saved from Hillsborough County Animal Services!  Dudley got adopted and then went on Christmas vacation with his new family to Ohio!

  • Rudy

    Rudy was surrendered to Dogma by his owners who were moving and couldn’t bring him with them.   Rudy was very loved in his home and that shows in his personality!  Rudy was adopted by a family who waited a long time to adopt just the right dog and it looks like a kid’s dream […]

  • Rhett

    Rhett had one of the worst existences a dog can have – he was used as a breeder dog.  Rhett came to us with little-to-no socialization and was cared for by two caring foster moms, first our volunteer Mary and then later Terry.  Now Rhett has his very own Forever Mom, Amanda, who will keep […]

  • Scout & Tyra

    We didn’t spend the day after Thanksgiving fighting the black Friday crowds or lounging around eating leftovers – we were doing a home visit!  We have known David Jenkins through his work at the Jobsite Theater (you might remember that we named a foster dog Watson after seeing David’s performance in The Hound of the […]

  • Chalupa

    Behati the ORANGE kitty is now named Chalupa… and while Chalupa is ‘wonderful,’ we think he is too much of a handful to be ‘pure goodness’!

  • Buzzy

    Buzzy was our little Chorgi (chihuahua/corgi) whose owner couldn’t afford to keep him. In his new Forever Home, he is the perfect addition AND the perfect playmate and pillow for his new doggie brother!

  • Fred

    Fred was found by our good friends and veterinarians at Timberlane Pet Hospital and Resort and we at Dogma were happy to find Fred a Forever Home. Anyone who has visited Dogma at adoption events will remember seeing Fred with a basket muzzle on. Thanks to the dedication and patience of his foster mom, Michelle […]

  • Frodo

            A Hobbit’s Journey: From incarcerated at Hillsborough County Animal Services to his own kingdom, Frodo Baggins had a couple over very special and powerful “fairy” godmothers who made sure he got to Dogma. Now he has found a wonderful Forever Home with Frank and Pat Mesko! Frodo Baggins with his new […]

  • Scooby

    Scooby … A puppy dumped under a tree now has his own Forever Girl! We at Dogma like to think that we make families complete!

  • George

    We have a Happy Tail from or South Tampa Petsmart adoption event yesterday! GEORGE BAILEY GOT ADOPTED!!! George now has his own mom, dad & doggie sister!

  • Behati

    Behati is now Moxie and she has been the perfect addition to the McGoldrick family (although we’ve been told that existing black cat, Cassie, is moping in the closet!)

  • Dusty Girl

    DUSTY-GIRL got adopted! She came a long way from a stray at Hernando County Animal Services to being a FOREVER DOG to Jess, Eva and husky-sister Eva! We are so excited for our pretty little hound dog girl!

  • Floki

    Floki (now Loki) was a mangy mess when he came to us from Hillsborough County Animal Services and now he is handsome, well-cared for and very loved in his active new Forever Home!

  • Chalupa

    One of our kittens from Hillsborough County Animal Services got adopted! Now named Chalupa, our little guy is living the kitty dream! His sister, Behati, is still up for adoption at!

  • Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim’s parents sent us this picture of Tim NOT in costume as he is most assuredly a BONE THEIF!! He is looking so very good!!

  • Atticus

    We think Jenna chose the right dog for her when she adopted Atticus (fka Buddy) from us…. or did Atticus chose Jenna??

  • Reggie

    The Silva Family celebrated Halloween with BATDOG (formerly Max from our Disney Litter who is now Reggie when he’s not Batdog!)

  • Gretl

    Gretl (the ‘elf’ in the center celebrating Halloween like she celebrates every holiday – with her family and a lot of love and joy! (Thanks to Pierce and Henry for still going along with your mom wanting you to dress in pajamas!)

  • The Littles

    These two adorable shih tzu mixes were found roaming the streets together and thank goodness they were found by the right person! He made sure they got safely to Dogma and of course whenever we take in a bonded pair, they get adopted together!! Stuart Little and Sister Little are now the apples of Joanne […]

  • Roger

    Roger was found by the boss of one of Dogma’s co-directors, or more accurately, her boss’ kids found Roger!  Roger was so easy-going, laid back, loves everybody AND other dogs that we weren’t sure he was a chihuahua!  He found an equally nice Forever Mom in Diana and as a first-time dog owner, she could […]

  • Nicky

    Nicky came to Dogma from the SPCA Florida.  He had been surrendered by his owner and as nice as the SPCA Florida’s shelter is, Nicky was terrified.  He needed to get out and we were happy to help.  While Nicky loved his foster mom, Judy Rice, he thought the sun rose and set with his […]

  • Sparky

    Here is one of our favorite alumni, Sparky!! Sparky was a little bit of an odd duck when he came to Dogma and his foster parents Bucky & Ed spent a lot of time working with him. Sparky’s mom Pam reports that Sparky has become loving, affectionate and, more than just a brother to their […]

  • Luna

    Luna was one of Dogma’s cosmos litter and we were delighted when she found her home with Katherine Roberts and her daughter Stella. Luna and her litter were abandoned in Ruskin and we can’t imagine a better Forever Family for our stellar little girl, Luna!

  • Berenstain

    One of Dogma’s co-founders/directors works for a law firm tucked back in a nice office park. Several dogs have been dumped there over the years, but none quite as memorable as The DCC Puppy, as we called him. We love seeing this dumped dog so happy and comfortable in his posh home with his chew […]

  • Sunny

    We LOVE to see our Dogma alumni having fun! Check out Sunny as he makes mom Marilee proud!!

  • Molly & Stella

    Sisters from Another Mother! Molly (left beagle) came to Dogma from Hillsborough County Animal Services). Stella (right beagle) came to Dogma from Hernando County Animal Services. This proves that family is a lot more than just blood! These two mini-beagles stole our hearts when we saw them at their respective shelters just like they stole […]

  • Tim

    As Tiny Tim’s name indicates, we took him in at CHRISTMASTIME! It took us 5 months to find the perfect Forever Home for Tim, but we sure did it right! Steve Turner and Sue Bancroft knew he was the perfect addition to their pack and we feel blessed not only for Tim’s good fortune, but […]

  • Buddy

    When Buddy got adopted, we don’t know who was happier – Buddy, us or his new mom, Jenna! Jenna is a schoolteacher and had her kids vote on a new name – Gryffindor vs. Atticus. New classic vs. Old classic! Atticus won out in the end and we think it is appropriate for a dog […]

  • Violet

    Ivan and his sister Britta are Dogma alumni and we were thrilled when the Holton family decided to adopt one of Mama Cassie’s babies, Joni! Now named Violet, our little alpha dog is learning to play nice with the big dogs!! We are excited to watch Violet grow up in a true Dogma family!!

  • Louie

    Every adoption is special to us, but we admit, some are a little more special than others, especially when it is a senior dog like Louie (left).  At 10 years old, Louie was surrendered to Hillsborough County Animal Services by his owner.  Through a twist of the best kind of fate and thanks to our […]

  • Zuzu (f/k/a Squeaker)

    Zuzu (left) came to Dogma from Hillsborough County Animal Services and was fostered by our good friend and volunteer, Cheryl.  While nobody wanted Zuzu at animal services, our email blew up for her!  Zuzu’s new home is with Becky and Conley Weiss and sister, Cookie!  Zuzu has a life of luxury now, but don’t think […]

  • Banjo & Shep

    We love repeat customers!!  Brendyn Ahlers and Mia Faucher made our dreams come true by adopting former street dog, Shep (right).  Then they DOUBLED our dreams come true by adopting Banjo!  Banjo came to us from Hernando County Animal Services and we love it when the Ahlers-Faucher pack visits us at the South Tampa Petsmart!

  • Wylie

    Wylie was surrendered to us because of a domestic abuse situation.  Now, she is safe and secure in a home where there is nothing but LOVE!!!  Wylie has her own brother and sister and it is like the three of them were littermates!

  • Eli

    We received a great auction item from Dogma alum Eli’s Forever Mom, Jessi, and she also sent us an update on one of our favorite former puppies! Here is Eli (left) with his pittie big beother, Wally! Eli is so grown up now, but we will always think of him as a goofy puppy!!

  • Ranger & Abby

    Andrew and Kim adopted Ranger (formerly Peyton) from Dogma and when they decided to adopt a second dog, they came back to Dogma and we hooked them up with Abby (formerly Gypsy). We love frequent flyers!! Ranger and Abby love each other like they were littermates!! We are so happy for two such spectacular dogs […]

  • Smokey (formerly Brewer)

    One of Dogma’s co-directors risked her life running into traffic to save Brewer the Beagle. After catching him in 4-lane traffic, she said, “This dog better not be a jerk!” And he wasn’t a jerk at all, he was one of the best dogs ever!! Mike and Chrys Mayers thought the same thing, and they […]

  • Carson

    Carson originally came to us as a puppy with an odd shaped head. He got adopted and as he grew, he also grew into his head, but sadly his owners are being shipped overseas and Carson had to come back to us. We were delighted when the Pierson family thought that Carson might be just […]

  • Murphy

    Dogma dogs are very philanthropic (we teach them this in foster care!). Here is Dogma alum, Murphy, who joined his Forever Mom, Rosie, and a group of great of women on the Susan G. Koman 3-Day Walk for breast cancer awareness! We are so proud of Murphy (a stray from Hillsborough County Animal Services) and […]

  • Davis

    In May 2011, Dogma had a litter of catahoula puppies born to us… some of them with no fur!  Out of all of Dolly’s puppies, Davis was the sweetest!  Here is Davis with his best friend, Bodie, and in his very own chair!  We are so excited to get the Davis update and we also […]

  • Sam Hill

    When we first saw the little scruffy dog on the left at Hillsborough County Animal Services, we said, “What the Sam Hill is THAT??”  Martika Fitzgerald knew exactly what he was – a scruffy little love muffin! – because she had a twin of Sam’s.  After fostering Sam Hill, the Fitzgerald’s couldn’t separate the two […]

  • Monty

    HOW ADORBS IS THIS?! We want to thank Forever Parents Bob and Fran Wolk for sending us the CUTEST picture of Dogma alum, Monty (bottom) and his rescue-brother, Ted!  Monty was a dishrag at Hillsborough County Animal Services and Bob, Fran and Ted have breathed new life into him!  Bob reports that Monty’s eye (he […]

  • Penny

    Anybody who knows Dogma knows we love a breed called the Hillsborough County Brown like Penny!  After she didn’t get adopted from Hillsborough County Animal Services, we took in Penny where Bucky and Ed Lombard fostered her.  Penny was a favorite of theirs and fortunately, Bucky and Ed’s neighbors adopted her!  We caught up with […]

  • Sully

    Here is a Happy Tail made even happier by his family! When the Rinard family adopted Sully, they said that their family was finally complete! Young Delaney (here with mom, Andrea, and Sully) wanted to thank Dogma for saving her scruffy little “brother” and she held a bake sale fundraiser that benefitted Dogma! Delaney went […]

  • Jack

    The picture is a little blurry, but you can FEEL THE LOVE between our little alumni, Jack, and his whippet-brother, Ian! Jack was given to kids by “some guy” and when the kids’ mom said they couldn’t keep him, they went door-to-door trying to give him away. Fortunately, one of our vet techs witnessed this, […]

  • Wyclef

    Here is a Happy Tail that just has us giggling!! Wyclef was one of our Hillsborough County refugees saved by the SPCA Florida and pulled by Dogma! Not only was Sarah Markosen a fabulous foster mom, but she is also a professional groomer, and we love Wyclef’s cute summer haircut! We always say you never […]

  • Olive

    Here is one of our very first Dogma-dogs, our first foster failure and first Forever Homes – OLIVE! We also first met one of our best friends, Libby Hopkins, when she contacted Dogma because she found a brindle pit/lab mix at a gas station (some of Dogma’s best dogs come from gas stations!). Dogma’s co-directors […]

  • Molinka – updated – see the video!

    We have a VERY Happy Tail to report! We have had Molly, our adorable … a bit obese … beagle, with us for quite a while and we are delighted to report that our chunky monkey went to her Forever Home this weekend! Her new mom & dad are retired and committed to loving Molly […]

  • Blake

    Blake came to us abused, beaten and used as a breeder dog. Thanks to the devotion of his foster mom, Mary, after living with her for about a year, we decided Blake was ready to be put up for adoption. Another whole year went by before Bob and Kathleen spotted Blake on our website. They […]

  • Martini – you must see the video!

    When Dogma’s good friends, Aaron and Brooke Quinlin found a funny-looking stray black dog, we had no idea that he had the personality and talent of a circus performer. Such a performer deserved an equally flashy name so we called him The Great Martini! The Great Martini captured everyone’s attention at adoption events with his […]

  • Sugar & Ringo

    Both Sugar the calico cat and Ringo (from Dogma’s infamous Chigeal litter) came from Hillsborough County Animal Services where they were discarded as strays. Sugar even had a notched ear, an indicator she should have been in a “well-cared for” feral cat colony, but nobody came for her so Dogma stepped up to rescue her […]

  • Don Juan

    Don Juan (formerly PJ) was saved by Dogma from Polk County Animal Services as a puppy then adopted by the Ortiz family in October 2012. While “DJ” enjoyed being an only dog with the run of the house and the humans, the family felt he needed a playmate. They contacted Dogma and were united with […]

  • Marcy

    We couldn’t believe this cute little ragamuffin needed Dogma to get out of Hillsborough County Animal Services, but we were DELIGHTED to take her in! Little Marcy quickly became a superstar in Dogma and a favorite of her foster parents! Joseph and Sue Garnett made our dreams come true when they chose her as their […]

  • Mocha & Reese

    Reese was called Franci when she was with us, but since she joined big sis, Mocha, mom Kristin thought she needed a more appropriate name! Looking at pictures of Reese and Mocha, we couldn’t agree more! We actually have a little bit of a hard time telling these two apart! Little Reese went from a […]

  • Watson

    Every formerly stray dog should be as blessed as Watson because he had a long list of admirers, from his namesake to Beka Clements who gave him a complimentary grooming at Health Mutt and a whole lot of other people who loved him! Watson’s new family includes mom, dad, and two of his very own […]

  • Ranger & Abbie

    When Andrew and Kim adopted Dogma-fave, Peyton (now Ranger), we were ecstatic. When they said they wanted to expand their 4-legged family, we had the perfect girl-dog, Gypsy (now Abbie)! We got to visit with both Dogma alumni today, and we are so happy for this sweet family!

  • Maggie

    Here is another Happy Tail from today! We saw white poodle, Maggie, at Hernando County Animal Services, and after blood tests, a dental, x-rays, MANY trips by Dogma volunteer, Mary Collister, to Bell Shoals Animal Hospital, Maggie was finally ready for adoption! The Martinez’s had also seen our chunky monkey at Hernando County and they […]

  • Leeenda

    Dogma is over-the-moon delighted to announce a FOSTER FAILLLLLL!!!! Ed & Judy Rice, who have become favorite foster parents of Dogma’s, let us know today that Leeenda is way too special to their pack and they want to adopt her! This picture is of Ed and Leenda at the Second Chance Boxer Rescue Carnival and […]

  • JAC

    Everybody who saw 3-Legged Steve fell in love with him, and that was especially true for his caregivers and advocates at Hillsborough County Animal Services, Dr. Bill Zingalie and Alex Lopez, who let us know there was a good dog at the shelter in need. We also fell in love with 3-Legged Steve. We were […]

  • Spicoli

    HERE IS “THE BROTHER” NOW!!! Join us in celebrating SPICOLI, the brother of Dogma’s The Pointer Sisters (and brother) litter! From a sickly, neglected baby dumped at Hernando County Animal Services to living large with his own brother in a fantastic Forever Home! And going to the beach during Spring Break – lucky Spicoli! – […]

  • Maggie

    Once upon a time there was a princess named Maggie. She had been discarded because of a new baby by her former family and was adopted by King Oscie and Queen Rosie. Maggie had her dad all to herself, treats and toys with no sharing. One day, the King and Queen adopted a little brother […]

  • Sir Henry

    Sir Henry (named after the Hound of the Baskervilles) was surrendered by his owner at Hillsborough County Animal Services for the lame reason “escape artist.” We say it was lame because Henry did not want to be anywhere but with us while he was in foster care! Maybe he just didn’t like his previous owners! […]

  • Eva

    Dogma loves repeat customers! About a year ago, the Sterrett Family adopted D.J., a little black and white fluffy puppy we had saved from Polk County Animal Services. When the Sterrett’s contacted us about adopting a second dog, we recommended Eva. Eva was an owner surrender who had lived with kids, bossed around our German […]

  • Junior

    One of Dogma’s co-founders/co-directors has a blackmouth cur mix, and when we saw Junior, just a BABY blackmouth cur mix, needing help at Hernando County Animal Services, we pushed the panic button to get him out! We had him in foster care for a few months and watched him grow … and grow and grow…. […]

  • pipSqueak

    PipSqueak came to Dogma from very rural Georgia where animal control saved him and his mother from being chased by a pack of dogs. They were not able to catch mom, but we were glad that PipSqueak found his way to Dogma-friend, Amy Rockwell, who made sure he got safely to us! PipSqueak was a […]

  • Skeeter

    Skeeter was another special dog that came to Dogma from our friend, Amy Rockwell, in Georgia! Skeeter was so loved by his foster parents that they came close to being foster failures, but thankfully, Jennifer and Mike Ottoson, after a very long search, decided Skeeter was just the perfect dog for them! Skeeter agrees that […]

  • Rita

    People ask us all the time, “Where do your dogs come from?” The answer is mostly from shelters, some people need to surrender their dogs and some come to us as strays. Rita came from a GAS STATION! One of Dogma’s co-directors found this cute little petite thing at a GAS STATION ON FLORIDA AVENUE! […]

  • The Professor

    Dogma is proud to present to you a Happy Tail an a Dogma all-star, The Professor! When our friend in Georgia, Amy Rockwell, tells us that she has a great dog to send to Dogma, she is always right… we just don’t know what they are going to look like! When Dogma had The Professor […]

  • Sadie

    Not exactly a Christmas picture, but to us at Dogma, this is the best Christmas present ever! Anyone who has followed Dogma over the past year knows the story of Armani, the apricot poodle saved by a Hillsborough County Animal Services investigator before coming to Dogma, and then he was seen on Daytime (thanks to […]

  • Maggie

    Maggie was surrendered because her owners were having a baby and Murphy was dumped at Hillsborough County Animal Services. They found doggie bliss with their parents, Rosie and Oscie (even though Maggie still sometimes isn’t sure she wants a little brother!)

  • Rosabelle

    Rosabelle was another dog we saved from Hillsborough County Animal Services. She had a broken elbow and chances are if you donated to Dogma in September or October, you helped us pay for Rosabelle’s surgery! Rosabelle found the perfect Forever Home with her mom, Christy Lonnon, and we are sure Rosabelle is telling Santa THANK […]

  • Athena

    Unlike most of our rescue dogs, Athena has been loved and cared for her whole life. She was just the Forever Dog that her family, The Huxables, were looking for!

  • Gretl

    Gretl (pretty chocolate and white beagle on right) found her Forever Home with Fran Haasch, Rhett, Pierce and Henry (and the rest of the pack!) after being dumped at Hillsborough County Animal Services. Every dog should be as spoiled and loved as the Jones dogs are!

  • Steve

    3-Legged Steve was a favorite dog at Hillsborough County Animal Services’ vet services department, and when Dr. Zingalie called us saying what a wonderful dog Steve was and could Dogma take him, how could we say no? 3-Legged Steve was one of our last adoptions of 2013 and he got adopted to the Seaton’s, Sandie […]

  • Tito

    Everybody’s favorite spunky chihuahua, TITO, is enjoying his life as a Forever Dog with his new mom and dad, his own kid and his own TOY! We are also happy to report that, just like when he was a Dogma-dog, Tito is still one sharp dresser!!

  • The Jenkins TWOFER

    The Jenkins’ adopted Wally (little black dog) from Dogma in January 2012 and loved him so much they had to get a second Dogma-dog, Oscar (scruffy) in September 2012! Wally loves going on long walks with his dad and Oscar is his mom’s little scruffy shadow! They both passed obedience school with flying colors and […]

  • One of our Pastry Puppies – Eclair!

    Three years ago we had babies, Eclair and Cream Puff, come to Dogma with their mom. We got this picture and update from Eclair’s family: She is such a sweet dog. We moved back to Charlotte, NC a year in a half ago and she has a huge fenced back yard with lots of trees- […]

  • Larry & Lilah

    We found Larry (blonde) at Pasco County Animal Services where he was terrified and suffering greatly from separation anxiety. Not many people would take a chance adopting a dog with these kinds of issues, but his mom, Kate, took a chance and was rewarded – she said that Larry is the sweetest dog she’s ever […]

  • Sherlock Bonz

    We knew Sherlock Bonz was a character when we found him at Hillsborough County Animal Services, but from the update we received from his family, we think he is such a character that he should get his own tv show!

  • Monty

    Monty is a special dog. He was the first foster dog of our volunteer, Angie Molina, and she did a phenomenal job! Monty came to us from Hillsborough County Animal Services, depressed, blind, ready to die, and needing one of his eyes removed. Thanks to Angie, after his surgery, Monty came out of his shell […]

  • Rosie and Occie

    What is better than one Dogma dog but TWO Dogma dogs!! Two of our favorite people, Rosie and Occie, adopted Maggie the shih tzu (right) who had been surrendered by her owners when they had a baby and then last month decided to expand their family by adopting Murphy the mini-schnoodle (left) who we had […]

  • Isis

    Dogma volunteer, Jessica Chong, saw Isis at Hillsborough County Animal Services and was determined to save her! Jessica and her daughter, Junior Volunteer, Emma, fostered her and found the perfect Forever Home for Isis! From being alone and scared to having a family of her own – a mom, dad and brother and sister – […]

  • Sam

    A belated congratulations to the Costa Family who adopted Dogma’s shiba inu, Sam! Sam has joined the Costa’s and their shiba-family, including brother Timmy (right)! We found Sam at Hillsborough County Animal Services and are still perplexed why nobody wanted him. We were glad to take him in and even happier to see him go […]

  • Teddy and Rusty

    Teddy and Rusty came to Dogma as an incredibly bonded pair! Dogma always does what is best for their dogs, and if dogs need to be adopted together, even if it takes longer, then they will be adopted together! Teddy and Rusty were adopted in late October by Dianne and Steve Krulick, and there isn’t […]

  • Buddy

    Buddy was hand picked by a good friend of ours at Hillsborough County Animal Services. This once throw-away dog is now living a dream life with his new parents, Bob and Judy Harris. He has his choice of dog beds throughout his house even though he prefers an available lap to curl up in, and […]

  • Goldie

    Dogma’s friend, Amy Rockwell, always sends the best dogs to Dogma. Goldie came from very rural Georgia where neighborhood kids were taking care of her and calling her “Hoagie” because that’s what she liked to eat. The White family renamed her, got her groomed and fed her dog-appropriate food … and look at her now! […]

  • Sandy

    If Sandy looks familiar to you, it is because she is something of a local celebrity! Back in January, Sandy was one of 26 dogs saved by the heroes at Hillsborough County Animal Services’ investigations department from a horrifying life in a dogfighting ring in Plant City. Sandy was the first of the “PC 26” […]

  • Lizzie & Jack

    This is a throwback to two of our favorite Dogma alum’s that the same couple adopted about one-year apart. Both dogs came from Hillsborough County Animal Services – Lizzie, the brown and white basenji mix, and Jake, the black and tan basenji/Italian greyhound mix that investigators saved from a cruelty situation. They are truly living […]

  • Leaderman’s!

    When most people see a 3-legged chihuahua, their first reaction isn’t usually, “WOW, I have to have THAT!” But fortunately for this little dude, the Leaderman’s fell in love at first sight! Dogma was at an event on South Dale Mabry so the Leaderman’s named him Dale Mabry! We are so happy that this sweet […]

  • Ginny

    We would like to thank everybody who “liked” Dogma Pet Rescue on Facebook during our campaign in May! We are excited to report we are well over 1,000 “likes”! Many of you saw Ginny on our Facebook page, who was abandoned with her babies and saved by Hillsborough County Animal Services before she came to […]

  • GG

    G.G. (Good Girl) was found by the son of a good friend of Dogma’s who is going to school in Savannah, GA. While our friend’s son loved G.G. very much, the decision was made that G.G. would make a better FAMILY dog than a FRAT dog! The Sell Family agreed and adopted G.G.! Toys, both […]

  • Sully

    Sully was a Dogma alum saved by one of our favorite vet techs, Vanessa! Vanessa has made sure a lot of good dogs got safely to Dogma, and here is why! Look at Sully chillaxin’ on the beach with his dad! This is the life we wish for every dog, and we thank Vanessa for […]

  • Macho

    Macho was saved by Dogma volunteer, Holly, and we are so excited that Macho got such a fantastic Forever Home, complete with his own boy, Griffin! Macho is now enjoying dog parks, trips to Starbuck’s and is showing off his leash skills on long walks! Thank you, Haumesser Family, for choosing Macho as your new […]

  • Buddy

    Buddy is one of those dogs that just breaks our heart. He was a throw-away dog, surrendered to Hillsborough County Animal Services by his former owners. Nobody wanted Buddy… he was a little older, had heartworms and was thin and scraggly looking. Of course Dogma did not hesitate to take him in! And here he […]

  • Bugsy

    Thank you to Kendra Bailey, owner of Health Mutt in the historic Seminole Heights district of Tampa, for inviting us to Health Mutt’s Customer Appreciation Day last Saturday! Bugsy, Dogma’s cocker spaniel/dachshund/basset hound/something mix got adopted to the Lewis Family! Look how lucky our former street dog is to now have the love and adoration […]

  • Nugget

    Who could forget Dogma alum Col. Walter “Nugget” Stubbins, one of our funniest looking mixes of all time! Nugget went from being an unwanted stray dog at Hillsborough County Animal Services to having a Forever Family with the Nunez’s. Nugget has a mom and dad, his own kids and even his own grandma! Nugget is […]

  • Super Mario

    Dogma found Super Mario at Hillsborough County Animal Services where he had fleas, no fur on his butt and was down to his last hours! He became a quick favorite in his foster home with his playful energy and cuddly, lovey, snuggly and kissy personality! When Dogma heard that the Romero family was in the […]

  • Harley and Lacey

    This might be the happiest of the Happy Tails we’ve seen! Last July, Dogma took in Harley and Lacey who has been rescued by Hillsborough County Animal Services’ Investigation department. The twins came from such a bad situation that they were terrified of people, afraid of their own shadows and one wouldn’t take a step […]

  • Margarita

    Dogma’s party-girl, Foxy-Margarita, finally found a Forever Home of her very own with a nice family in Cocoa Beach! Surf’s up for Foxy!

  • Armani

    Armani the apricot poodle went from rags to riches! Armani was saved by Hillsborough County Animal Services’ Investigations Department Here he is resting in his parents, the Williamson’s, motor home with toy poodle sister, Lily!

  • Sarah

    Jennifer Kramer was not looking for a dog when she came across Sarah the Rat Terrier, but she picked her up off the streets, brought her home and then said, “What do I do now??” Jennifer found Dogma and together, we found the perfect Forever Family for such a perfect puppy! Sarah is now named […]

  • Carson

    Carson was fostered by Dogma’s Fabulous Font family and it is only natural that Carson, one of the sweetest, most low-key dogs who loved the Font’s busy household, ended up in a Forever Home with kids! Carson looks like he was born into the Andrus family … he just happens to be furry and have […]

  • Scrappy Doo

    Remember Dogma’s Scrappy Doo? He was a huge puppy with a big heart and soooo much potential! Dominic and Jessica took one look at him, and just like us, fell in love at first sight! Scrappy is now named Tom (a manly man-dog name!) and he is the ultimate outdoorsdog! He loves swimming and fishing […]

  • Berenstain

    The dog with the strangest name ever, the DCC Puppy, was dumped at a law firm where one of the Dogma Co-Directors works. From starting out as a wanna-be lawyer-dog with a weird name, this 35-pound 5-month old puppy found his Forever Home with new mom and dad, Jessie and Rob, and he has a […]

  • Mikey

    MIKEY was a DOGMA FAVORITE! Everybody who met Mikey fell in love with him and there were almost fights to foster him! Lucky for Mikey, he got adopted by Sandra and Gary Harrell who sent us this great picture of Mikey celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Of course he was celebrating St. Paddy’s Day – once […]

  • Armani

    The last we saw of Armani and his toy poodle sister, Lily, they were headed off to new adventures in mom and dad’s motor home. Mr. Williamson was kind enough to take dictation from Armani: “I have been traveling all over the Northeast last 3 weeks. Last week we were in New York City now […]

  • Ranger

    Ranger came to Dogma from Hillsborough County Services on what should have been his last day. Instead, this beautiful dog hit the Heeler Jackpot! His mom and dad, Charles and Amanda Mixon, live on 3 acres of squirrel-infested property and Ranger is the doggie King of His Castle! His new dad is just retired and […]

  • Zoe and Gracie

    When we first got Zoe and Lexie, we should have named them Thelma and Louise! They were two wild girls and fortunately, they have settled down with mom, Courtney, and min pin brother, Bowzer! They are now civilized young lady-dogs enjoying life and going to charm school (puppy class)! We can’t tell which dog is […]

  • Goldie

    Goldie came to us from our friend in Thomasville, GA and had the funny name, Hoagie! Hoagie (now Goldie) is now living the good life with the White Family: mom and dad and kids of all ages (especially one very special 6-year old girl named Lily!) and even doggie sisters and brother!

  • Theo

    We are so pleased to announce that one of our Black Dogs featured in March, Theo, found his Forever Home! Theo is now brother to Jake and he has his own mom and dad It doesn’t look like Jake and Theo are getting into TOO much trouble, does it??? Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Grullon […]

  • Sandy

    The Griffin’s fell in love with Sandy at first sight, and we are eternally grateful to this wonderful family (who are clients of Bayshore Animal Hospital!) for opening up their hearts and home to such a special girl! If you are interested in helping one of the PC 26, contact Hillsborough County Animal Services or […]

  • Belvedere

    This little guy came to us with so much overgrown fur we couldn’t tell what he truly looked like. He quickly found his forever home and a new hair cut. And look at how cute that face is!!!! Belvedere is living it up with his new dog brother, Butler, and his new mom, Nancey. Happy […]

  • Belle’s Got a Bright Future

    Belle was found covered in maggots, severely dehydrated, full of worms and on her death bed. A nice woman scooped her up to safety and contacted Dogma to help her get the vet care needed. Here are a few words from Belle in her new home. “They tell me all the time that they love […]

  • Murphy

    Oh Murphy!!!! Murphy – you found a home that all of us Dogma volunteers would in fact ALSO love to be adopted into!!! Murphy was a very special pup to us as he was originally adopted out last year to a family that despite his best qualities, for some reason couldn’t quite mesh well. Murphy […]

  • Andy, Now Gizmo

    Andy, now Gizmo- a 3 year old Shihtzu is living the good life. Andy, now Gizmo is living half the year in Hudson and half the year in Pennsylvania. His parents are retired so he is never alone. He also has Willow, his Irish WolfHound Sister. His new family reports him and Willow get along […]

  • Dash FKA Jeff

    This happy little boy captured Dogma’s heart with his big smile and gleaming personality. Thankfully he captured a wonderful family’s heart too! Dash, fka Jeff, is now enjoying his days with this wonderful family and his new fur-sibling Cooper, who the family had adopted just 48 hours before adopting Dash! They had to get Cooper […]

  • Shelby FKA GiGi

    This sweet little bundle of joy was found as a stray wandering the streets absolutely terrified, quite skinny and not so keen on humans. But look at her now! Shelby, fka GiGi, found Dogma and we gave her just enough to blossom into a wonderful little pup that the Alexandrou family fell madly in love […]

  • Hannah-Bear

    Talk about a rough start to life – Hannah was rescued after an urgent call from a friend about 2 dogs chained up, skinny, no shelter and about to be “shot and buried” by the owner. You could immediately tell that Hannah was so thankful to have been rescued and she was finally able to […]

  • Abbey, now Maggie

    Abbey, the pekingese mix, now Maggie was scooped up after being dumped in a parking lot. This is what Abbey’s new mom Michelle had to say about her: . Maggie is pictured with her doggie and kitty siblings in her new home. She will go back and forth between Maine and Florida! Maggie is lucky […]

  • Hank the Beer Dog

    Although Hank’s story is a bit funny as we always called him the “Beer Dog”, it reminds us what happens when the world discards dogs and the challenges they face on the streets. Dogma volunteers found hank at a gas station rummaging and begging for food and drinking out of beer cans in the parking […]

  • Thor & Athena

    Thor and Athena hit the jackpot. Their fortunes took a dramatic turn for the better, when they were adopted by Kiley and Devin. Thor (a Great Pyrenees) and Athena (a Shiba Inu) originally came into Dogma when their owner threatened to shoot them for digging up his yard. We so hoped that these two bonded […]

  • Lexi

    Lexi has the best new life. She came to rescue so broken and confused. She had no concept of what life was living in a caring home. With a little time and TLC she bounced back and better than ever. Lexi lives with her new big sister, China, so she has someone to teach her […]

  • Kylie

    Here’s an update from our darling Kylie’s adoptive parents, Judy & Robert-“We wanted to let you know that Kylie is doing great. She seems to have gotten quite comfortable here. I know she has definitely won my husband over. He takes her for nightly golf car rides around the neighborhood and she expects them.” We […]

  • Kilo, Now Luke

    Congratulations to Erin and her pooch Luke. Ten month old Luke has come a long way in his young life. He was found in a kill shelter in GA, rescued by Dogma and adopted by Erin in February! Although a youth, Luke is already trained to be a hearing dog! Way to go Luke! We […]

  • Kava

    Kava, another of the “K” litter landed in a dream home. Her new dad came to a Dogma adoption event to visit with another puppy, but when we got to speak with him and learn about his lifestyle we couldn’t talk him out of that puppy fast enough. It would not have been a good […]

  • Holly

    Holly was saved from a high kill shelter in Georgia. She has found the perfect home where her new mommy Allison spoils her. Holly gets to go everywhere. They could quite possibly have visited every dog store/boutique in the Tampa Bay Area. They go on long walks together, to the dog park, and dog beach. […]

  • Foxy

    Foxy and her siblings or children-we arent sure which were dumped at the pound and left wondering what would happen to them. That’s when Dogma stepped in!!! After a few months of being in foster care and going through heartworm treatment, we received the following words and above picture from Foxy’s foster mom-” Okay Foxy […]

  • Fletcher

    Here’s an update from Fletcher’s new Family-Here are some recent pictures of Fletcher for you. He is doing great and growing up quickly. He already weighs 34 pounds. His favorite activity of all time is catch. He is definitely a “sports” dog. He loves to be outside with my boys when they play lacrosse or […]

  • Mya, f/k/a Faye

    Mya is living it up with her new family. The moment her new parents saw her they knew she was meant to be. Mya makes the third pack member, she joins Tink and Foster. We heard Mya was going to be fitted for a lifevest, so keep an eye out for her sailing the open […]

  • Double, Now Smokey

    Double, Now Smokey, a great dane, catahoula pup was saved from a high kill shelter in rural Georgia. Here’s a picture of this gorgeous boy all comfy in his new home! He is happy and his family loves him to pieces.

  • Buddy

    Buddy’s family could no longer keep him. Buddy was scared and confused until his new family came along. He is now where he belongs forever! This is a pic of Buddy with his new mom and human brother as well as his doggie brother Einstein who is 15 years old! Buddy is the brown Corgi/Doxie […]

  • Rex

    Rex, a black lab mix waited a while for his turn to find his new family. He now has it!! He has a HUGE yard to romp around in with his doggie sis, Brandy! He also loves playing tug of war with the rope toy with her. Rex has the home most dogs dream of!! […]

  • Rascal, Now Leo

    Rascal, Now Leo was found running down a very busy highway and was never reclaimed. He is now King of the house and his new parents, Charlotte and Ken just adore him. This is what they had to say “We are having a lot of fun. He has good manners and is so loveable. He […]

  • Peggy, now Bailey

    Bailey, formerly known as Peggy, has moved up from pound puppy to Gator girl. Her new parents are split: 1 Nole fan and 1 Gator. It looks like Bailey is following in the tradition of Erin, her new mom. Sorry Andrew. Bailey loves now being the center of their house, even though she shares it […]

  • Ralphy, now Floyd

    Sweet Ralphy was left in the night drop at animal services as a little guy. The fabulous rescue coordinator, Amy Rockwell, tagged him for Dogma right away knowing he was a Dogma kind of dog. She was right. Ralphy, now Floyd has two wonderful parents in Tampa who just adore him.

  • Nick, Now Foster

    Nick, Now Foster was found as a stray and never reclaimed. He was found wandering around in a Sweetbay Parking Lot. He was adopted by his foster mom!! His new mom had this to say, Foster loves to swim in the lake and is a great dog. He even hangs out at happy hour!!! Yay […]

  • Molly

    Molly, a malti-poo was saved from a high kill shelter in Georgia. Here she is in this adorable picture with her new two legged brother and sister! Here is what her new family had to say about her “Molly’s first evening has gone great! We went on a short walk, met some neighbors, and ran […]

  • Mitzie, Now Bella

    Mitzie now Bella is another cutie saved from Georgia. Her new mom Kym, reports she is doing great! She says “she absolutely adores her “squeek” bark, it’s so darn cute! Here she is pictured with her new blankie that Kym’s co-worker got for her. How cute is that? This sweetheart of a dog has found […]

  • Mini

    Mini was found by a good samaritan, horribly neglected, emaciated-weighing in at 2.9 lbs. and with very little hair due to one of the worst cases we have seen of demodex mange. She came to Dogma just in time!! She was nursed back to health and is now being spoiled rotten down in Miami, FL. […]

  • Liberty AKA Libby

    Liberty AKA Libby was found running down the street on the fourth of July. She was emaciated and seemed to have recently had puppies. Libby jumped right in the car! She must have known it was her ticket to a better life. Jane, the wonderful angel who found Libby contacted Dogma to help her find […]

  • Rufus & Reggie Stay Together!!!

    Rufus & Reggie came out of the kill shelter together! They were also inseparable in foster care. They waited patiently to find their home TOGETHER! Here’s what their new mommy had to say about this dynamic duo-“The boys are doing great! They’re the biggest hits with my friends and my family just adores them. They […]

  • Sissy, now Missy

    Sissy came to us from a shelter in rural Georgia. We could only see a small picture of her as a pup, and it was a bit hard to tell what type of dog she was. Before she arrived on the transport we debated if she would be a Schipperke, black Pomeranian, or black Chow. […]

  • Sofi

    Sofi is a sweetheart of a girl who was saved from a high kill shelter. She was adopted by her foster mom, Anna who just could not let her go. They are the perfect match! Anna and Sofi enjoy exercising together and going to the dog beach. Check out Sofi chillin’ out on her chair […]

  • Sophia, Now Sophie

    Sophia, Now Sophie hit the Jackpot! She loves to play with her toys, gets to go everywhere with her new owners and even gets to sleep in bed with them! Sophie is pictured here with her little duckie! Sophie is HOME! A big thanks to her foster mom, Sheri for keeping her safe until she […]

  • Thelma, Now Stella

    Thelma, now Stella was found as a stray and never reclaimed. Here’s a shot of Stella enjoying the beach with her new mom Leslie. Leslie wrote us and said this “I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this little munchkin, I’m so happy to have her!” We know Stella is so happy you have […]

  • Toby, Now Kirby

    A little note from Kirby, AKA Toby’s new home. “He is doing great! Not afraid at all of all the 4th of July noise, he was just as calm and collected as he could be. He is getting into the swing of things here. We are so happy with him. I have attached a picture […]

  • Leo

    This is one of the HAPPIEST tails EVER! Leo was found by a Dogma volunteer after a call from a neighbor about a dog curled up at the end of her driveway, in the middle of the country. Dogma picked him up to find one of the most gruesome wounds in Dogma history – a […]

  • Dorian

    Little IG Dorian fell in Dogma’s arms and despite falling madly in love with his foster mom and vice versa, Dorian was blessed to find a FANTASTIC home with quite the cuddly sibling! Happy Tails to you Dorian and may you spend many a’days lounging in the sun with your family! You are a special […]