Meet the core of Dogma…

We are pet lovers.
We rescue good dogs, put them in the best possible homes and have fun doing it.

From fostering to fundraising to helping at adoption events, Dogma could not exist without our volunteers! We are so fortunate to have a group of the funniest, most talented, compassionate and LIVELY volunteers dedicated to Dogma’s mission! Dogma’s co-founders/co-directors can never thank their volunteers enough for all that they do for unwanted dogs and for all of the fun they bring to Dogma!

Ann-Marie Pearson

Co-founder / Co-Director

AnnAnn-Marie Pearson comes by rescue honestly. Having picked up every stray dog with her family as a child, dog rescue was certainly in her future. Not long after Ann-Marie moved back to Florida from college she found the first of her beloved Pit Bulls, Manny. This event led her to get involved with an official rescue group and be a Pit Bull advocate. Ann-Marie and her husband, Christian, foster every type, size, color and breed of dog, from litters of puppies to 80-lb adult dogs. Their personal pack consists of four rescue pitties – Manny Dean, Zoe, Paddy Cake, Greta, and a little special needs Corgi mix, Javier.

Amy Howland

Co-founder / Co-Director

AmyAmy Howland earned her degree in Biology and went to work in the hospital of the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary. After seven years of getting bitten and pooped on by wild birds, Amy transitioned into mortgage banking eventually landing at a law firm. Caring for animals is now a passion, not a profession. Amy and her husband, Chris, have fostered hundreds of dogs over the last five years. Since Amy is no longer being bitten by the animals in her care, she is content to just deal with the poop. Amy has either four or five personal dogs of her own, depending on whether you ask her or Chris.

Corey and Randy Rosado

rosadoWe met Corey and Randy Rosado along with son Anthony when they adopted the best dog in the whole world, a pit bull named Janie, from one of Dogma’s co-founders/co-directors. Adopting Janie opened their eyes and they realized that there are thousands of dogs out there just like Janie who need help finding the perfect family to call their own. The Rosado’s have an affinity for pit bulls and are strong advocates for the breed. The Rosado’s pack includes cocker spaniel Roxy and pitties Echo and Audrey. In February 2012, they welcomed a new 2-legged girl into their pack, Zoey Rosado, Dogma’s first Pee Wee Volunteer!

Allison Moore

Animals, dogs in particular, have always been Allison’s passion. Volunteering has also been a huge part of her life for many years. She happened on Dogma one raining day outside of Petsmart and a light bulb went off. Once she joined the Dogma ranks everything came full circle, combing her two passions: animals and helping others. Allison has been fostering with Dogma almost since Dogma’s inception and has taken on several “un”adoptable dogs and found them amazing homes (we hate to say it, but this is Allison’s specialty!). Like most people who start volunteering with Dogma, Allison quickly became a pit bull enthusiast. Allison works full-time at a Juvenile Assessment Center her pack fancy-schmancy King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Mack, miniature pincher, Spencer, and Duke – a big ol’ black and white hound dog mix of some kind (a/k/a her Dogma foster fail!)

Emily and Jaime Grullon

emilyEmily and Jaime are USF graduates who have always had a passion for animals. Emily started volunteering August 2010 at Dogma’s adoption events because she needed volunteer hours for a class. She was given specific instructions from her boyfriend Jaime not to take home a dog! That day Dogma needed help fostering a small Chihuahua and Emily ended up bringing home a dog (Jaime apparently forgave Emily because they got married in 2012!). Not only do Emily and Jaime foster, but Emily is also instrumental in organizing and contributing her time and energy to Dogma’s fundraising events. Emily is a math teacher and Jaime does something with computers that we at Dogma do not understand. Their pack includes a Jack Russell (Bond), a low-riding pittie mix (Brittney – who was a failed foster), three cats named Malibu, Louie and PK, and an Amazon parrot named Gonzo.

Jessica Chong and Emma Chong

Jessica Chong (with Dogma’s resident Italian Greyhound, Iggy Pop) and Junior Volunteer Emma Chong (with Dogma alum, Emmett)

Emma was only 8 when she and her mom, Jessica, started volunteering with Dogma because Emma wanted to help animals! Jessica and Emma have a Boston terrier, Missy, and after adopting Priscilla (a huge older coonhound mix) from one of Dogma’s co-founders/directors, they thought Dogma would be the perfect volunteer home for them!

Jessica and Emma are dedicated event volunteers, helping set up, walking dogs and organizing and working fundraisers. As a Junior Volunteer, Emma specializes in puppy-wrangling and educating the public about Dogma’s mission. After some resistance (and begging!), Jessica and Emma are even fostering!

Jessica creates web applications and Emma is a middle school student at the top of her class. Both Jessica and Emma have busy schedules (mostly centered around Emma’s school, dance and music!) but they always have time for their Dogma family, and we are so grateful for everything they bring to Dogma!

Amber Behanna

In June of 2011, Amber found a big brown hound dawg drinking out of a beer can behind a Circle K! No other rescue she contacted would help, but Dogma said, “a beer drinking DOG? WE’RE IN!” and we were happy when Hank the Beer Drinking Dog got adopted to an upscale Orlando family! A year later, Amber found another stray dog, Dogma once again helped and this time Amber stuck around! Amber not only fosters for Dogma, but she has her own rabbit rescue and is an expert in all things pocket pet! Amber has a soft spot for senior dogs and one of our favorite things about Amber is her creativity which comes out in the ridiculous pictures she takes of her foster animals!

Be sure to like Tampa Bay House Rabbit Rescue on Facebook and contact Amber if you are interested in adopting a bunny, guinea pig or any other cute little critter!