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Up for adoption - ROUX! Our gorgeous catahoula girl has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and completely vetted and she is now ready for her Forever Home! Roux is only 9-10 months old and is still a puppy needing some training, but she is a very good girl - she is house broken and crate trained - she is great with other dogs and is even good with cats. Roux is a very sweet, loving, affectionate girl! Visit for more information on Roux or to apply to adopt her! (6 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

9 hours ago

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Willow is 6-months old and a super cuddly kitty! ! Call Timberlane Pet Hospital & Resort to find out how to adopt Willow at 813-754-7387! ... See MoreSee Less

21 hours ago

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We know we are about a week late celebrating our favorite holiday, but we didn't want to let another day go by without sharing everybody's favorite "ungrateful" dog, BISBEE (fka The Archduke of Chugglesworth) having a BLAST at St. Patrick's Day! ... See MoreSee Less

24 hours ago

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This just makes our hearts sing - this is the reason spend almost ALL of our free time, unpaid, doing dog rescue - moments like this!

Ranger was on the streets as a puppy with his brother, Eli, when a kid brought them to Dogma. Ranger got adopted and through no fault of his was returned after two years. Andrew & Kim came along looking for their first dog and their one requirement was the dog had to be good with kids in anticipation of 2-legged babies. We devote a lot of our time & energy to our placements and here is the reward! Ranger's mom, Kim, reports he is Baby Caroline's constant companion and protector! He only leaves Caroline's side when she cries so he can go find someone to care for her.

We want to congratulate Andrew & Kim on their gorgeous new addition and to Dogma alums Ranger (and his sister Abby, too!) for being such exemplary Dogma alumni! <3
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3 days ago

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On top of Churro's disappearance, we have had some personal losses. Ann-Marie's old-man pit, Manny, passed away - she has written a beautiful tribute to him which we'll post - and last night I/we said good-bye to our Italian Greyhound, Iggy Pop. His cancer had recently come back with a vengeance and the past couple of months have been dedicated to making him comfortable and spending as much time with him as possible. He had a lot of fans in Dogma, which I think he knew and loved. :)

We have decided to take this weekend off from any adoption events and get some rest and spend time with our families. We swear, we DO have some wonderful news to share - recent adoptions including Cinnebun (who stayed in the "family"!), Annie, our dog we took from Healthy Dog Day got adopted to previous adopters, little poofy stray Seamus got adopted and everybody's favorite puppy Lil Bear got adopted! On Sunday, THE SALAD SISTERS went to their Forever Home, too! We'll be posting pics of these very happy tails soon!

Thanks for hanging in there with us and please stay tuned for any Churro updates and also celebrate with us when we post our happy tails! That's what we're all about - taking these disposable dogs who had nowhere else to go and adopting them to the best of the best homes! <3
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3 days ago

What a great way to start off a Monday! Dogma adoptables Oliver Twist, Elle and Mortimer in the same picture! All formerly disposable dogs suffering and would have died suffering, but now here they are happy and ready for their Forever Homes! Thanks to Dogma volunteer Amber Behanna for lifting our spirits this morning! More info on this trio at! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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We are aggressively working on getting Churro back to us, responding instantly to leads, phone calls, emails, talking to people and one of our volunteer families even drove around in the middle of the night based on one lead. We promise we will update everyone with ANY news as soon as we hear something... there just haven't been any developments. What we do not want to do is POST every lead and give everyone false hope. Every dead end has been a kick in the gut for us.

We are committed to getting him back. We are also continuing to run Dogma and we have other news to share - recent adoptions, new arrivals and other updates - but that doesn't mean we our priority isn't Churro.

We received a cruel comment today from someone who said we stopped caring about Churro and we are no longer looking for him. Nothing could be further from the truth. We hope most people understand how devastated we are, that we are doing everything we can and that we want to share some good news with you, too.
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1 week ago

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